Computer Structure Fall 2007

Assignments are 20% of the final grade. 5 best assignments out of 7 will be taken for grade calculation.
(You are not required to submit all 7 to get full grade!)

Exercises Checkers

assignment 1,3,4,6, 7a  David Hadas    mailbox: Schreiber 2nd floor, box 390

assignment 2,5, 7b  Aviad Zuck    mailbox: Schreiber 1st floor, box 280





Recitation 1: introduction.ppt

Recitation 2: tirgul01.pdf                Alon Schclar Presentations

Recitation 3,4: tirgul02.pdf

Recitation 5: tirgul03.pdf

Recitation 6: tirgul04.pdf

Recitation 7,9: tirgul05_06.pdf

Recitation 8: tirgul07.pdf    Karnaugh5vars.ppt

Recitation 10: tirgul08.pdf

Recitation 11: tirgul09.pdf    tirgul09_enlarged_charts.pdf   single-cycle.pdf

Recitation 12: tirgul13.pdf   pipeline.pdf

Recitation 13: tirgul14.pdf